my name is Joel Rätz

I create powerfull content for your audience or customers.

Social Media

The way we communicate with eachother has changed and it is changing even more.
I'm up to date and full of new ideas and strategies to reach your audience! I create your social media concept!


Online-videos have a big impact on people and it's the easiest way to find new supporters.
It is really important to known how to share information in an appropriate way.


Selling products in your own webshop or list your services on the internet is part of our everyday life. I known how important it is to look good in the web.

My Expertise


Web Design65%
Coding (PHP + JS)70%
Design (2D + Vector)75%
Animation (After Effects)79%
Video production (Premiere Pro + Footage)85%
Audio production75%


Let's start and work together!
Let's create storys, impressions and memories!